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Negatory case – Global warming
Negatory case – Global warming

Criteria: “Solving the true world problems”

Motto: "The Sun begins to burn." Heindrich Josselynce

“Cultural values are always underestimated.”

Argument Nr. 1: There are several cosmic changes that cannot be attenuated

Explanation & Examples: The 4 million tons that the Sun disperses throughout the Universe creates an energy equivalent to 4x1023 kilowatts, our planet receiving a two billionth part of it, which is more than enough of it to secure Earth’s energy feeding resources. With every second, the Sun loses these 4 million tons of energy, along with fusible reactions within, and the Sun, the life star of the Solar System, is losing mass, but growing in volume from the helium-hydrogen process, thus getting too close to Earth, and wiping the entire life off of it (theoretically, that will happen in approx. 5 billion years). There are also the Milankovitch cycles, which are the collective effect of changes in the Earth's movements upon its climate, than cannot be stopped by any means. They involve the motion of tectonic plates resulting in changes in the relative location and amount of continental and oceanic crust on the Earth's surface, which could affect wind and ocean currents; variations in solar output; the orbital dynamics of the Earth-Moon system; and the impact of relatively large meteorites, and volcanism including eruptions of super volcanoes, and possibly the Sun's orbit around the galaxy as well. Of course they cannot be stopped, because they are all vital processes in order for the Universe to exist properly – everything that has a beginning has an end.

Argument Nr. 2: Developing the main democracy principles in the state

Explanation: The human culture is not well developed in every country – each and every country has its own coefficient of developing, yet those that don’t have a high percentage have a lot to lose. As it is, the human culture must be brought to the conscience of the entire population, because, at this rate, no one will have a good culture, therefore not a good knowledge, and therefore not an idea about what is happening to the Earth – global warming. If more citizens will have greater culture knowledge, then there won’t be so many local problems, therefore there won’t be any global problems either.

Also, the national economy of particular states is also decreasing or had already decreased to a minimum. For that not to occur, it is necessary to work on the inflation, for the national currency to grow, and in certain domains to develop, for further bonus income into the state’s budget. That will result in higher domestic revenue, therefore the scientific research will develop better technologies in order to attenuate pollution, or, if the research is not developed enough, the revenue will go to the import of such technology, purchased from other countries.

Examples: India's culture is marked by a high degree of syncretism, which consists of the attempt to reconcile disparate or contradictory beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought, resulting in contradictory cultures and misunderstandings, and especially because of the fact that India has cultural pluralism, therefore the number of people for English work appointing decreases, thus the industry remains as it was, continuing to pollute the Indian atmosphere severely (approx. 5 megatons of CO2 emission per year). Also, the economy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a nation endowed with resources of vast potential wealth, has declined drastically since the mid-1980s. The two recent conflicts (the First and Second Congo Wars), which began in 1996, have dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, have increased external debt, and have resulted in deaths of more than five million people from war, and associated famine and disease, thus not having enough to increase pollution prevention whatsoever, the country being the 3rd most pollutant African country.

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