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D ebate Topic: The world should adopt our plan to significantly combat climate change!

Action Plan Title: Using of ecological sources of lighting and heating.

Climate can be defined as “expected weather”. When changes in the expected weather occur, we call these climate changes.

1. Problem.
- What problem or problems related to climate change will address your plan?

Our society faces big problems in using of sources of lighting and heating for our houses and apartments. Moldova depends on the fuel that is imported from a foreign country, but the excessive using of fuel leads to the environmental pollution and climate change. So the assessment report conducted by the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on climate change contains a detailed study, attended by 4000 scientists from over 150 countries. But research methods have evolved. And according to a new W.W.F. report, climate change has an impact far greater. As a result the Arctic Ocean ice could disappear completely during the summer, between 2013 and 2040, the event which hasn’t happened in the last million years. So the solution should be applied as soon as possible. In these circumstances, at first we should find out the factors which cause this problem.
The answers are:

Traditionally used fuel is more expensive and poor. In the next 30-50 years the amount of oil and gas will be reduced by 5 times, which will represent an instrument of manipulation of governments, especially rich states.

The huge quantities of harmful substances that are pumped in the air, cause polluting of the environment.

In the rural areas to obtain heating sources there are a massive cutting of forests. And only 35% of villages are connected to gas.

2) Why can’t current policies fix these problems?

Politicians and government can’t stop this problem, because they are related to producers of the fuel and they don’t want to lose the authority, claiming alternative energies. Politicians can not change the situation much, because, there are some serious problems of confrontation between local government and the central for heating, there is a monopoly.

2. Actor
What group or government will be responsible for taking the actions that you propose?
The situation that makes references to the using of energy sources, mainly environmental, can be changed in this way:
- Individuals will use autonomous systems for lighting and heating;
- Social departments will solve the problems of energy shortage and the debtor’s payment, which is very high;
- Local government officials, will give a major attention to other social problems

3. Action
What action should the player take? What's the goal? What are the targets, and when will they be reached? (Optional: How will your plan be funded? Enforced?)

Seven buses will operate in the town. Chisinau, starting this year, with a fuel created on the basis of rape oil, replacing the first such national classical gas.

The Action Plan contains:
Purpose: Using sources of heating and lighting ecological

Using wind or solar energy for home
- Developing the ability of using alternative energy which is less harmful and cheaper;
- Combating the significant changes in climate;

Terms: project can be implemented in 3-5 years in Chisinau, Balti, Cahul and other cities of Moldova and partly in rural areas. In the 15 years the using of environmental resources will be at the rate of 30%.
Funding: The project will be financed by private individuals and some businesses.

Main components: For this application we need the following components:
• solar photovoltaic panels or a wind turbine
• Group batteries (rechargeable batteries) to 6 V
• Rules charging battery
• inverter power continues (12V) - AC (220V)
• Rear economic power
• equipment and connectors for the assemblies.

For this application has been elected several components:
• 10 solar photovoltaic panels of 150W or 1000W, wind turbine type Whisper WHI-200
• 2 regulators for loading Steca panels (wind turbine includes a proper regulator)
• 10 batteries, some deep cycle batteries, type SB6/330A
• 1 inverter Steca RI that has a power of 500W at the exit of 220VAC
• 4 lamps with 11W economic power

4. Benefit (s)
What good thing (s) will happen as a result of your plan?

What good thing will happen as a result of adopting our plan?

Benefit #1

In the urban areas will be used installations for heating of houses, offices, apartments, which will use ecological sources.


We will create buildings with the roof for heating and lighting, using ecological sources. Such equipments are already used in Chisinau and other cities.

Benefit #2

Reducing pollution and the possibility of using local fuel when Moldova is in crisis.


One of the solutions can be buses that operate without gas, only fuel coming from vegetable oil. ’’Two years ago I put in circulation buses that have worked with a mixture of vegetable oil and diesel” said Nicholas Burnet recently. He explained that among the advantages of this fuel is : reducing pollution by over 30% .


Using wind or solar energy;

Developing the ability of using alternative energy, that is less harmful and cheaper.

Combating the changes that happened in climate.

5. Advantages
What are the advantages of your plan compared to the status quo (the way things are right now)?
Advantage 1:
Each system which uses alternative energy should be designed in a very rigorous way. The design and the optimization will depend on the price of efficiency and cost. To determine the cost price of equipment we need to determine who are the consumers, who will use this power, which is the period in which they will operate. Preparing an application to determine the values of consumption that can be used by humans.
  In this location we use the following consumers of energy:

Evidence & examples:

The location has the following characteristics of potential energy:
• Solar Energy for 4.5 hours per day
• Wind continued at 12m / s for 4 hours per day
For servicing these customers can be used the solar panels or a wind generator (wind turbine), which should produce all the electricity needs. These consumers need 4 KWh per day for 7 days a week or we can consider a consumption of around 124KWh/luna.
   The system has an autonomy of 2 days that is able to supply the energy needed for 2 days even if we do not have any input energy from solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbine.
Advantage 2:
Estimates are based on hypothetical values and development and their implementation requires a rigorous design to optimize performance and costs specific to each location.
Evidence & examples:
Costs of equipment used in this example, published below are only some estimates. At the final evaluation of each project we will use prices which will be appropriate in topology and size of each application. So the costs of each application can differ significantly

Convince you!!!

By using alternative energy we will find a great solution that will help us effectively combat global worming.

Using autobus with bibful slowly but firmly will complete the bus park. In this way the problem will attract the attention of the authorities to create new jobs for young people in the field of ecology!!!

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